Air raid sirens, also known as civil defense sirens are used to warn the general population of incoming danger. The sirens were initially designed during WWII to warn city dwellers of incoming air raids. 02 Lasers restored one of these original WWII air raid sirens using laser cleaning. Here at 02 Lasers, we are committed to the preservation of originality. We take pride in restoring items of historical value. That is why when we saw this WWII air raid siren posted on Craigslist, in a state of disrepair, we jumped at the opportunity to revive it back to what it likely looked like during the wartime effort of the 1940's. We thought the laser would be a great tool in the preservation of this historical symbol. The air raid siren saved thousands of lives during WWII by effectively warning the populations of cities around the world to threats from above. I was really honored to be able to preserve a piece of history such as this. Using our superior stripping technique with our 02 laser we were able to achieve a stunning finish after the removal of the old paint, rust, corrosion and oxidation from the surface of the siren, while keep the original metal underneath untouched by abrasive or chemical contact. Go 02 Lasers!

Check out the video below to see the entire restoration process!

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