• LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


What is a LASER? 

What is a class IV Laser?

  • 02Lasers need to be used responsibly to reduce the risk of damage to skin and eyes. 

  • 02Lasers is heavily committed to reducing the risk associated with operating a Class IV laser.  

  • When used properly, laser technology is a clean and safe alternative to other stripping methods. 

Be aware of the risks

  • Class IV laser category. This means that it can burn the skin or cause permanent eye damage if exposed to direct, diffuse, or indirect beam viewing. 


What Personal Protective Equipment do you need?

  • Adequate Eye Protection

    • Always wear laser safety goggles with the correct Optical Density (OD) when operating or near the laser beam. 

  • Enclosed laser working area

    • Enclosed Space

    • Mounted Laser Curtains ​

    • Window Safety Covers

    • Laser Panels

    • Laser Partitions 

  • Laser operating signage.

  • You can visit  for laser safety goggles and barriers. 

Laser Safety Links

Operator Responsibility

  • Operators need to be compliant with OSHA safety requirements

  • 02Lasers are to be operated in an enclosed, laser safe, area with properly rated safety glasses and protocols. 

  • The operator should be trained on proper laser risks and safety procedures to understand the risks associated with Class IV lasers.

  • The operator is ultimately responsible for making sure he/she is personally protected and that others are not exposed to direct, indirect, or diffused beam viewing.