What distance should the laser head be from the surface during laser cleaning?
The distance from the laser head to the cleaning surface should be approximately equal to the focal length of the lens. The focal length is written on the lens in units of millimetres. Common focal lengths provided with your purchase of a 02laser include 163mm, 254mm, and 650mm.


Can I change the distance between the laser head and the surface?
Yes, simply change the lens to a different focal length.

How do I know if the laser is focused?
Listen to the sound of the laser hitting the surface. When the sound is the loudest, the laser is in focus. If there is no sound, increase the power of the laser. Another method is by observing which focal distance achieves the best cleaning or ablation of the surface.


Can the fiber optic cable be bent?
Yes, but ensure that the bend diameter is 35 cm or greater.


When do I need to clean the lens?
Clean the lens whenever there is dust or smears on the surface of the lens. Dust can be removed by compressed air. Smears require a lint-free wipe. Refer to this link for lens cleaning instructions and videos:


How do I change the lens?
Slowly unscrew the lens by rotating counterclockwise by hand, without touching the optical surface. Screw on the desired lens. Do not use excessive force.


Are laser safety glasses included?
Yes, 2 pairs. Additional glasses can be purchased. 

Who needs to be wearing safety glasses?
The laser operator and everyone within 3 meters of the laser. This is assuming the laser is not hitting any mirrors or any surfaces that produce specular reflections.


What laser settings is recommended for laser cleaning?
The parameters depend on what type of cleaning, such as rust removal, stone cleaning, pre-weld cleaning, paint removal, etc. The recommended setting is to put all parameters at 50% and adjust after experiments. 02Lasers offers custom-made simplified user interface upon request from the customer. The simplified interface can have as many presets as needed by the customer. The simplified interface allows the user to quickly set the laser parameters. For this interface, the user will choose the preset, shape size, and beam orientation.


What if I want a higher powered laser than the 100W? 
If you are interested in a 200W, 500W, or 1000W laser please contact 02lasers and a laser specialist will recommend the best fit model for your application.


What electrical supply does the laser need?
Standard North American electrical outlets with 110-120V.


Is the fiber optic cable robust?
No. Fiber optic cables are made of glass. Do not stretch, twist, step on, or bend the fiber optic cable. Please handle with care.


I turned on the laser with the laser cap on (by accident), now there is a mark on the lens. What should I do?
Use a lint-free wipe and alcohol. Follow the lens cleaning procedures outlined in this link: https://www.edmundoptics.com/resources/application-notes/optics/cleaning-optics/

Is it safe to direct the laser at my skin?
No. The laser is very powerful and is capable of causing severe burns.


I lost my laser safety glasses. Can I use my sunglasses?
No. You must always wear the appropriate laser safety glasses when operating the laser.

How do I turn on and off the laser properly?
Please follow the instructions in the User Guide.


Can I use the laser cleaning system for applications other than laser cleaning (drilling, welding, micro-machining)?
No. Please contact 02Lasers to discuss your applications.

How do I package the laser for transportation or shipping?
Please ensure the laser system is properly packaged to avoid damage during shipping. Follow the procedure in the User Guide.

What should I do if there is an emergency during laser cleaning?
Press the red emergency button on the laser system enclosure. This will shut down all systems immediately. 


Can I use the laser outdoors during rain or extreme weather?
No. Please contact 02Lasers for custom laser systems.